Comparison Chart

Compare the different versions of NoteTab with our helpful chart.

NoteTab is available in three different versions: NoteTab Pro and NoteTab Standard which are sold together, and the freeware NoteTab Light.

Here are the differences between them:

Text Editing Pro Standard Light
Wildcard searching (with * and ? tokens) Yes Yes No
Disk search & replace Yes Yes No
Real-time word count Yes Yes No
Advanced word statistics Yes Yes No
Create “Outline” (multi-section) documents Yes Yes No
Thesaurus (English) Yes Yes No
Spell checker (10 languages) Yes Yes No
Pasteboard (capture Clipboard text) Yes Yes Yes
Create and reuse text snippets Yes Yes Yes
In-text calculations Yes Yes Yes
Multi-level undo/redo Yes No No
Use variable-width fonts No Yes Yes
Print preview Yes Yes No
URL highlighting in plain text files Yes No No
Web Development Pro Standard Light
Syntax highlighting for HTML & CSS Yes No No
Support for HTML5 & CSS3 Yes Yes Yes
HTML & CSS code libraries Yes Yes Yes
Twitter Bootstrap code library Yes Yes Yes
Autocomplete HTML code Yes Yes Yes
Web page templates Yes Yes Yes
Group project files together Yes Yes Yes
Improve your code with HTML Tidy Yes Yes Yes
HTML to Text conversion Yes Yes Yes
Text to HTML conversion Yes Yes Yes
Advanced SEO word statistics Yes Yes No
Advanced Users Pro Standard Light
Scriptable (extend NoteTab with custom features) Yes Yes Yes
Custom toolbars for scripts Yes Yes No
Regular Expressions (based on PCRE) Yes Yes Yes
Show non-printing characters Yes No No
Bookmarks in text Yes No No
Customizable keyboard shortcuts Yes Yes No
Wordstar keyboard shortcuts Yes No No
Save files in EBCDIC format Yes Yes No
Wrap text to column in real time Yes No No
Line number toggle Yes No No
Portable (runs from USB thumb drives) Yes Yes Yes
Price Pro Standard Light
Single license (quantity discounts are available) $39.95  US for NoteTab Pro and NoteTab Standard together Free