10 Great Reasons Why You’ll Love This Text Editor

For some NoteTab is the ideal Notepad replacement… for others it’s the most versatile text editor… or the fastest HTML editor. What will it be for you?

It’s tough. There are so many text editors out there. How do you know which one is right for you? Perhaps you’ve been recommended NoteTab? No matter what brought you here, one thing’s for sure. You want to know if NoteTab is going to be your next editor, right?

This may surprise you. We recently spent several days testing 18 of the most popular text editors. Why? Because there’s no point telling you about NoteTab features that the others have too. We only want to share with you things that make NoteTab unique and help you get more done in less time.

In a moment, we’re going to reveal to you the 10 most significant features that have turned NoteTab into one of the most awarded text editors ever. But first an interesting fact in case you’ve never heard of NoteTab before.

The tab bar. It’s a feature users have always loved about NoteTab. Open as many files as you like, each one with its own tab. Rearrange tabs any way you like in the convenient tab bar.

Ten Reasons Why You’ll Love NoteTab

Okay, here’s the information you’ve been waiting for. So read on.

1. Search and Replace that’s Blazingly Fast and Flexible.

Did you know that search and replace are amongst the most frequently used features in a text editor? They’re essential. So we were quite surprised to discover how incomplete these tools are in many of the editors we tested. Not so in NoteTab.

What do you get with our software? Blazingly fast and flexible search and replace tools. You can search and replace in:

  • a selection of text
  • a whole document
  • all open documents
  • even unopened files on your drive

But that’s not all.

Need to search or replace with text that includes line breaks? You can do that in NoteTab!

Or how about searching with easy-to-use ? With NoteTab you can. For example, type “not*” and you’ll find all the words that start with those three letters. Like “not”, “notes”, “notify” and “Notepad”.

Want another example? Search for “w??” and you’ll find all three-letter words that start with “w”. For example, “web”, “who”, “why” and “win”.

Not a single one of the 18 editors we tested has wildcard searching!

If you’re a power user, you’ll love using in NoteTab. This feature is based on the top-of-the-line PCRE engine. PCRE is far more powerful than POSIX and many classic regular expression engines.

Do you often repeat the same search and replace chores over and over again? Wouldn’t it be great if you could save them for easy reuse? Guess what… with NoteTab you can! In fact, you can even assign them to a button in the toolbar. Neat, isn’t it?

2. Magically Capture Text Copied to the Clipboard.

Copy and pasting is another feature that is constantly used in a text editor. Think about this. How do you collect data from various sources like web pages and other documents? Here’s how most people do it:

  1. Click on the window that has the data you need.
  2. Select and copy the data to the .
  3. Click on your text editor.
  4. Paste the data.
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 …

NoteTab has a feature called the Paste Board. Once you turn it on, any text you copy to the clipboard is automatically pasted into your chosen document. Here’s how data collection works in NoteTab:

  1. Click on the window that has the data you need.
  2. Select and copy the data.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 …

You’ll save so much time not having to constantly switch between applications. Try it! We’re sure you’ll love this feature.

3. Reusable Text Snippets and Macros.

Here’s what PC Magazine (US edition) says about NoteTab: “One of the product’s most useful features is the Clipbook, which is a collection of pastable text snippets, each associated with header text.” We’re thrilled PC Magazine likes NoteTab so much (they even gave us an award). But our Clipbook feature is much more than that.

In fact, the Clipbook is such a powerful tool we could write a book about it. Don’t worry, we won’t. We’ll just cover the highlights here. Read on.

NoteTab’s Clipbook feature in action.

At its most basic, you can use the Clipbook to store frequently used text snippets (we call them Clips). Reusing a snippet is as simple as dragging it into your document, or double-clicking to insert it at the current document position.

You can organize your collections of snippets in convenient Clip Libraries. Sharing your libraries with other NoteTab users is easy.

If you’re a copywriter, boost your productivity by converting your swipe files to Clip Libraries. Just think of the convenience of having your favorite boilerplate text cleanly organized and ready for use. All just a click away.

And that’s not all. You can add simple tokens to your snippets to make them do special things. Like wrap text around a selection in your document (we use this trick to wrap HTML tags around selected text). Or add a dialog box with your own data fields to complete a snippet before it’s inserted into your document (we use this extensively in our HTML libraries).

But there’s more still. NoteTab includes its own scripting language. And it’s simple enough that non-programmers can create their own scripts. But if you do need help, just ask the experts at our free forum. They’re more than happy to give a helping hand (or even do it for you if you ask nicely). This opens up possibilities limited only by your imagination.

Scripts can do all kinds of things. Launch and interact with other programs, change or reformat the clipboard contents, calculate, play sounds, pop up reminders, and more. Use scripts to extend NoteTab’s text processing capabilities. You can even create buttons in the toolbar for your favorite scripts. It’s so easy!

Scripts are ideal for adding custom-made text processing capabilities to NoteTab. Either for speeding up boring repetitive tasks, or for complex jobs that would normally require specialized software. Save yourself money by creating your own tools directly in NoteTab.

4. Packed with Handy Utilities.

NoteTab includes tools you wouldn’t expect to find in a text editor. For example, type a mathematical expression in NoteTab, click Ctrl+E and it will give you the answer. Trigonometric functions are supported too. No need for a calculator.

NoteTab also comes with several very useful . Some are for web development and include support for HTML5 and CSS3 (see our HTML Editing page to learn more). Others autocorrect as you type, pop up reminders, and more…

There’s also a Utilities library packed with tools that can replace other programs. Including:

  1. Unit converters (lbs to kg, inches to cm, Fahrenheit to Celsius …)
  2. Mortgage rate calculator
  3. Password generator
  4. Data encryption and decryption
  5. Uuencoding and uudecoding
  6. Hash generator (using SHA1, MD5, or CRC32)
  7. URL extraction from a web page

5. Organize Your Notes in the Integrated Two-Pane Outliner.

Unlike other text editors, NoteTab integrates a two-pane outliner. The left pane displays the table of contents and the right pane shows the selected item’s text. All this information is conveniently stored in single plain-text file (we call it an Outline file). You can create and simultaneously open as many Outline files as you like – just like regular text files.

NoteTab’s two-pane outliner in action.

You can easily add hyperlinks in your text to create shortcuts to any spot in your Outline document (to a different topic or a specific place in the text). But there’s more! You can also create hyperlinks to other documents. And to websites. And even to programs.

Unlike traditional outliners, NoteTab uses a single-level hierarchy instead of a tree hierarchy. Why? To keep Outline files clear of cryptic code. This means you can open and view them easily in any other editor.

Use NoteTab’s outliner to help you organize your notes. If you’re an author, use it to manage your book chapters. If you’re into cooking, use it to collect your recipes. And if you’re a copywriter or internet marketer, use it for your swipe files. Can you think of other uses?

6. English Thesaurus and Multilingual Spell Checker Included.

Nowadays, most text editors include a spell checker. NoteTab’s spell checker is multilingual with 13 different language dictionaries. Including three English versions: American, British and Australian.

We thought most competing editors include a thesaurus tool. But no. Out of the 18 we tested, only one did. NoteTab integrates the well-known Roget's thesaurus, so finding synonyms and related words is quick and easy.

7. Instant Word Count and Text Statistics.

Have you ever had to write a story or document with a specific number of words? Or do you charge for your work by the number of words you write? If so, you know how helpful it is to have a word count readily available. NoteTab can count all the words in your document, or just a text selection. In real time. Just turn it on and it shows up in the status bar.

NoteTab’s word count and text statistics.

You have a choice between two counting methods: Microsoft Word’s which usually underestimates the count, or NoteTab’s own which is more realistic. Whichever you choose, both are extremely fast and count words as you type. How fast? Well it took NoteTab to count the Complete Works of William Shakespeare in its entirety. That’s 887,669 words – more than in the King James version of the Bible!

With a single click, you can instantly get more information: the number of sentences, the average number of words per sentence, and the average number of characters per word. This information is essential in determining how legible your text is. Copywriters love it.

But that’s not all. If you need to do more detailed text analysis, NoteTab can calculate the frequency of every word it contains. It took less than 4 seconds with Shakespeare’s complete works. Each word is listed with its frequency and total percentage compared to other words. You can save the list to a text file or copy it to an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.

Here’s a fun question for you. Any idea what’s the most frequently used 5-letter word in Shakespeare’s works? … It’s “shall”, which is used 3590 times. “Should” comes up 1572 times and is the most common 6-letter word. It took just a few seconds to find using NoteTab’s wildcard search.

While that might not be the kind of information you want to extract, it’s a good example of NoteTab’s powerful capabilities. See if you can do that with another text editor!

8. All the Text Conversion and Reformatting Tools You Need.

A text editor is only as useful as its conversion and reformatting tools. NoteTab probably has more than any other text editor. You’ll get the usual ones like changing character case, reformatting lines (join, split, indent, alignment, sort, trim …), and changing file format (line breaks, character encoding …)

But NoteTab also includes less common tools that are extremely useful. For example:

  1. Text to HTML conversion (which is the fastest way to create a web page).
  2. HTML to text conversion.
  3. HTML tags to uppercase, lowercase, XHTML and XML.
  4. Quote or unquote email messages.

9. What About Portability?

Good news! NoteTab is a totally portable app. Simply copy it to a and take it along with you wherever you need it. And it won’t leave any trace on the computer you run it on. Isn’t that great?

10. NoteTab is Lean, Fast, and Reliable.

NoteTab has been around . That’s quite a bit longer than most other text editors available today. Not only does it pack in many years of experience, but it has been extensively tested on many different kinds of systems. It’s rock solid.

At Fookes Software we work hard to develop high quality code that is bloat-free and highly optimized for speed. As a result you benefit from a product that is lean, fast, and reliable.

This quality is recognized by leading software reviewers and, of course, by NoteTab users. Even by our competitors who’ve copied (but rarely equaled) many of our innovative features.

NoteTab has won awards from PC Magazine, PC World and WUGNET. It’s also won the Shareware Industry Awards 3 times. But we’re especially proud of our 6 People’s Choice Awards.

In fact no other text editor has won this many prestigious awards.

What About NoteTab’s Weaknesses?

Is NoteTab the best tool for everybody? To be perfectly honest the answer is no. There are a few things that some other editors do better than NoteTab.

For example, NoteTab cannot edit Unicode files with special characters and symbols that don’t co-exist within one of the ANSI character sets. However, that’s not a problem with the vast majority of ANSI, ASCII, UTF-8, and Unicode text files – NoteTab will do a fine job editing them.

Furthermore, NoteTab only offers syntax highlighting for HTML, XML, and CSS files. If you need syntax highlighting for JavaScript, PHP, C++ or other programming languages, then NoteTab is not for you.

And if you value appearance over functionality, then NoteTab is probably not for you either. Our priority is high-quality productivity features and backwards compatibility. We’ve worked hard to make sure NoteTab runs on as many Windows versions as possible, including the older ones. As a result we can’t always choose the best looking components.

Is NoteTab the Best Text Editor for You?

Here’s what SA Computer Magazine has to say:

“We could write an entire magazine about how wonderful NoteTab is and all the things you can do with it. This is, simply, one of the most excellent pieces of software ever created. … and what it does, it does with simplicity and grace.”

And PC Plus magazine:

“Whether you’re simply looking for a program to replace Microsoft’s lamentable Notepad, or if you’re after an advanced text editor that can handle HTML editing or any other text editing task, then NoteTab is the perfect tool for the job.”

We’d like to think you’ll feel the same way.

But the best way to find out is with our 30-day free trial. Download it now! We won’t ask for your personal or credit card details. And you’ll be up and running in minutes.

No doubt about it, once you’ve discovered NoteTab’s unique features you’ll be amazed how much more you’ll get done in less time. Try it!

Your Money Back if you’re Not 100% Satisfied!

We’re so sure you’ll love NoteTab that we’ll fully refund your order if you’re not completely satisfied, for whatever reason, within 90 days. You’ve got nothing to lose!

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A license is valid indefinitely. Minor updates are free and you get a 50% upgrade discount if you choose to buy the next major version. And best of all, you can run NoteTab on several computers as long as you’re the only user, and only one copy is used at a time.

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So remember. NoteTab is packed with time-saving productivity tools that you won’t find in any other text editor – you’d have to buy several to come close. NoteTab is fast and reliable and grows with you.

Your number one benefit with NoteTab? Get more done in less time.

Furthermore, NoteTab is the only editor with so many prestigious awards. Including 6 People’s Choice Awards. How about that for peace of mind!

You too can join the smart and savvy community of NoteTabbers. Buy your license now and start enjoying our prize-winning software within minutes. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.