UltimaShell Autocompletion Server for NoteTab

Starting with version 4.9 up to 4.95, the NoteTab editors work seamlessly with the UltimaShell Autocompletion Server (UAS). This excellent utility provides smart autocompletion and learns new words as you type away. It’s easy to use and can save a lot of time. NoteTab users can download a free version of UAS (size 652 KB):

Once you’ve installed UAS and restarted NoteTab, you will find a new menu item in NoteTab called UltimaShell Autocompletion under the Tools menu. Click on the command to launch UAS. From this moment, UAS will jump into action when you start typing text in NoteTab.

When UAS is running, you’ll see another item under the Tools menu called UltimaShell Settings. Use it to change the default settings. Read the UAS Help file to make the most of this neat utility.

Support in NoteTab 5 and later versions

UltimaShell Autocompletion Server has been updated and renamed to IntelliComplete Server (ICS) since the release of NoteTab 4.9. From version 5.0, NoteTab works seamlessly with ICS. See our ICS page for more information.