NoteTab HTML and Text Editor - Ordering FAQ

You can buy NoteTab through our online store. We have no local dealers. Our software is sold world- wide through the Internet. Our system accepts orders online using a credit card, PayPal, bank/wire transfer, check/money order, purchase order, invoice, and credit card by fax.
Select Wire as payment method in the order form. After clicking the Next button, you will be taken to a page with detailed instructions, including your order reference number and the bank details for your payment.
At cleverbridge, Purchase Orders are only accepted for orders exceeding $99.00. When you reach the order form, select the Purchase Order option from the field labeled Payment option. This will generate a printable pro forma Invoice, which contains all the information you will need to prepare your Purchase Order. Please note that the supplier/vendor name on the document MUST BE cleverbridge.
When the message Credit card was declined appears while processing an order it means that your credit card bank has declined the transaction, usually a quick call to your credit card bank’s customer service will clarify most of the issues. If problems persist, you can use the Fax or Mail payment options to have your order processed.
Your order may be pending for manual review. If its not pending, look for the missing emails in your junk/blocked/spam folder.
Minor updates and maintenance releases are free for users of the corresponding major version. In other words, if you purchased NoteTab v7.0, all updates up to v7.9 inclusive are available for free. Major upgrades (version 8.x, 9.x, etc.) are available to registered users of previous versions at a 50% discount.