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Date: 11 Jan 2001
Author: Hallvord Reiar M. Steen (

Description: Converts address books from Netscape, Outlook Express, Pegasus, and Opera into Opera 5 contacts lists or Pegasus Mail's tagged file format.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 23 Oct 2000
Author: Glenn McCauley (

Description: Sends mail from NoteTab to Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 02 Jul 2000
Author: Jody Adair (

Description: Send mail from NoteTab to Pegasus w/o the use of MAPI. Addressbook management and options in the mail Clips.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 18 Jun 2000
Author: Jody Adair (

Description: Address and information management tool: add and remove entries, retrieves in different formats
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 21 Jan 2000
Author: Chris Barnhill (

Description: Rolodex for storing contact information
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 17 May 1998
Author: Glenn McCauley (

Description: Database of e-mail addresses
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 29 Sep 2000
Author: Larry Hamilton, Jr. (

Description: Gives basic functionality to use the Juno program from NoteTab, to launch it, send mail, print the address book, etc.
Download from: /clipbooks/