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Date: 07 Jun 1999
Author: Chris Barnhill (

Description: Converts groups of regular text links into JavaScript navigation select boxes.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 14 May 2000
Author: Grant MacKenzie (

Description: Library for authoring XHTML elements (strict DTD). Contains wellformedness checks to avoid markup errors, and tools for handcoders who work with xhtml, css and javascript.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 11 Nov 2002
Author: Tzvika Merchav (

Description: This Library contains the complete JScript object library.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 17 Nov 2001
Author: Brian Dobson (

Description: This Library contains Javascript samples that can be used with Notetab. Gif Files included are for the Clock Script.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 12 Nov 2001
Author: Jakob Lund (

Description: This library fixes the indenting of java or javascript text based on the number of curlies it finds in each line.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 07 Nov 2001
Author: Fred Morris (

Description: The OverLib clip book simplifies the task of creating mouseover pop-up messages using the incredible OverLib.js script. The OverLib.tpl file will create an OverLib enabled web page.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 23 Aug 2000
Author: David Rose (

Description: Contains code to simplify adding mouseover effects to Web pages.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 23 Aug 1999
Author: Dave Jackson (

Description: Create and maintain a java/frame based "Explorer like" navigation bar (updated)
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 03 Apr 1999
Author: Michael Treadwell (

Description: Various JavaScript routines
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 06 Mar 1999
Author: James Spurlock (

Description: A simple JavaScript mouseOver
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 30 Oct 1998
Author: Piero Desopo

Description: JavaScript v1.1
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 02 Jul 1998
Author: Arch Baker (

Description: JavaScript routines
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 23 Mar 1998
Author: Anders Lund (

Description: Javascript v1.2
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 07 Dec 1997
Author: Kathy Burns (

Description: Common or popular javascript routines
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 23 Sep 1997
Author: Casper Bang (

Description: Javascript v1.2
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 19 Apr 2001
Author: Andreas Halman (

Description: Estonian libraries for Javascript
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 11 Jul 1998
Author: Matthias Huening (

Description: Javascript (in German)
Download from: /clipbooks/