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Date: 13 Mar 2002
Author: Ville Saalo (

Description: These clips surround the selected text with various often needed things, either HTML-coded or plain.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 04 Jan 1999
Author: Susan Nakano (

Description: Convert between Japanese and Western dates.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 17 Mar 2003
Author: Knut Külsen (

Description: This library serves the basic formatting functionallity for the Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 18 Jan 2003
Author: Rob Kulseth (

Description: Use this library to easily enter codes for the Fix 4.1 protocol.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 25 Nov 2002
Author: Petko Yotov (

Description: Latin to Cyrillic Convertor will help people who write in both latin and Cyrillic alphabet. Converts selected Latin text into Cyrillic and vice versa, according to your rules, eg. IU
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 07 Mar 2002
Author: Giannis Konstantakis (

Description: Adds full support for Ascii Art fonts in NoteTab. You can type, replace, preview, add and delete any character or fonts. It's includes 30 different Ascii Art Fonts.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 22 Nov 2001
Author: Jeff Doak

Description: This journal library is designed to help with writing and organizing thoughts.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 04 Oct 2001
Author: Eb Guenther (

Description: This utility adds alphabetic headers to sorted Outline files to make it easier to find topics.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 07 Sep 2001
Author: Jerry Kuntz (

Description: Clipbook for easy insertion of diacritic characters.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 03 Aug 2001
Author: Giannis (

Description: This library uses Ascii-Art fonts to help create text graphics.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 24 Mar 2001
Author: Eduard Wulff (

Description: Does a search/replace via Perl regular expression on selected text or the whole document if no text is selected.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 06 Oct 2000
Author: Andy Knight (

Description: Process columns with ease. Combine Into Columns will take 2 lists and put them side-by-side. Make Columns will take several lines of text and space it out (aligning it) to a given point.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 29 July 2000
Author: Jody Adair (

Description: Powerful tools for editing delimited files (columns): inserting, renumbering; reorder, sort, delete, and extract columns, replace text, add columns of numbers, blocking tools, more... Comes with fully loaded Clipbar.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 03 Jul 2000
Author: Jody Adair (

Description: Sorts paragraphs, inserts or edits lists/outlines/paragraphs in alphabetical order, extra tools and info clips, converts titles to correct cases.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 18 Jun 2000
Author: Jody Adair (

Description: Easy WordWeb Thesaurus v1.53-1.62. Only works in NoteTab unlike the one below, but easier to use.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 18 Jun 2000
Author: Jody Adair (

Description: NoteTab Outline tools: html to otl, otl to html; pages and frames link to each other; printing tools, more...
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 12 Apr 2000
Author: Zak Greant (

Description: Clipboard utility -- converts formatted (rich) text in the Clipboard to plain text. Very handy when you want to remove formatting after a copy operation and before repasting.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 16 Mar 2000
Author: James Naughton (

Description: Convert text in Western, Central European, Baltic, Cyrillic and Greek character sets (Windows) to and from utf-8 encoding. You can use it to create html pages containing a mixture of languages such as Czech, French, Russian, Lithuanian, Greek.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 16 Mar 2000
Author: James Naughton (

Description: Series of Central European, Baltic and Western character clips for text input in the corresponding Windows charsets.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 21 May 1999
Author: Jody Adair (

Description: Converts NS & IE Bookmarks to Clipbook, .htm, and clickable .txt
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 21 May 1999
Author: Jody Adair (

Description: Library to replace NoteTab's thesaurus - works in any application via NoteTab!
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 06 May 1999
Author: Michael Pflug (

Description: Convert TXT, HTML, and CSV files into PDB files and HotSync them to your PalmPilot
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 27 Mar 1999
Author: Joe Barta (

Description: Reverse the text or word order in a document.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 04 Jan 1999
Author: Arnold Tran (

Description: Abbreviations of country names and their formal names
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 15 Jun 1998
Author: Petr Fuchs (

Description: Convert ASCII code pages to simple ASCII
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 28 Feb 1998
Author: Jon Aske (

Description: Accented letters
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 12 Jan 1998
Author: Erik Claasen (

Description: Acronyms
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 17 Oct 1997
Author: Edward Greenop (

Description: Miscellaneous items for word processing
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 22 Mar 2002
Author: Fookes Software

Description: Do visual file comparisons from NoteTab using ExamDiff.
Requirements: Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 02 Jul 2000
Author: Jody Adair (

Description: Text and eMail formatting tools. Many Clips and help on how to make your own to fit your needs. Comes with Auto-Replace and a similated typewriter. Sounds included.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 01 Jul 2000
Author: Jody Adair (

Description: Converts file names to many text cases and also can remove spaces retaining existing case. Converts titles to correct case also.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 18 Jun 2000
Author: Jody Adair (

Description: Working examples of methods to use the Replace command in Clips: checkbox, simple replaces, harded coded, multiple, RegExp, even an and/or, but not Clip.
Download from: /clipbooks/