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Date: 11 Nov 2014
Author: Florian Gehrke

Description: Use NoteTab to test numerical or alpha-numerical codes, consisting of several digits and a check digit, to find out if the code is valid or not.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 09 Aug 2001
Author: Kurt Woodham (

Description: Save files to Palm handheld from NoteTab, and from Palm back to NoteTab.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 27 Nov 2000
Author: Jason Waugh (

Description: Save files to Palm handheld from NoteTab
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 06 May 1999
Author: Michael Pflug (

Description: Convert TXT, HTML, and CSV files into PDB files and HotSync them to your PalmPilot
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 31 Jan 1998
Author: Woody Stranieri (

Description: Codebox 1.0
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 16 June 2003
Author: Nicole Simon

Description: for pgp 2.6
Requirements: NoteTab v4.5 or higher
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 16 June 2003
Author: Nicole Simon

Description: WinZip interface
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 27 Mar 2002
Author: Wordit Limited

Description: Do hassle free site updates.
Requirements: Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 22 Mar 2002
Author: Fookes Software

Description: Do visual file comparisons from NoteTab using ExamDiff.
Requirements: Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 26 Jan 2002
Author: Jason Waugh (

Description: The package includes a free application and a clip library that enables "View in Browser" at set resolutions (View at 640x480, 800x600, etc.) Note that it only works for Internet Explorer users as it opens an OLE IE object.
Requirements: Internet Explorer
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 31 Oct 2001
Author: The Flying Dutchman (

Description: This library uses the WinRar archive utility through the command line and lets you backup your files reliably with minimum hassle.
Requirements: Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 30 Oct 2000
Author: Volker Friedritz (

Description: Adds "pretty-print" functionality to NoteTab using PrintFile.
Requirements: Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 25 Oct 2000
Author: Fookes Software

Description: Do print previews from NoteTab with TxtPrint.
Requirements: Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 01 Jul 2000
Author: Jody Adair (

Description: Directory Stuff: The ultimate in directory tools! Rename extensions, open directories, reopen alphabetically, DOS stuff, append files to one, files to outline, HTML files to text, remove spaces in file names, convert cases, recycle directory, checkboxes, setup to remember paths, more...
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 18 Jun 2000
Author: Jody Adair (

Description: Ws_Ftp and WinZip made even better (Pro and LE)! 10 servers/20 paths. One click uploads and zips! A must have for the simple or serious web author. Buttons for Clipbar; batterries not encluded. ;)
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 05 Apr 2000
Author: Larry Hamilton, Jr. (

Description: Interface for Rundll/Rundll32 to access certain functions that are often several levels deep under Windows.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 1 Nov 1999
Author: Grant MacKenzie (

Description: Interface to the Tidy Freeware utility. Cleans up your HTML code.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 17 Feb 1999
Author: Bob Janes (

Description: Creates messages to the FTGate Command Processor
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 12 May 1998
Author: Glenn Dixon (

Description: FTP
Download from: /clipbooks/

irc art

Date: 09 Mar 1998
Author: Deborah Jacobs (

Description: Chars and vars for IRC
Download from: /clipbooks/

pgp (single user)

Date: 29 May 1997
Author: Christoph Juengling (

Description: PGP (single user)
Requirements: not compatible with NoteTab v4.0
Download from: /clipbooks/pgp_(single%20user).zip