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Date: 15 Jun 2001
Author: Jason Waugh (

Description: Adds pretty much everything you would need to make NoteTab a Perl development environment -- autocomplete of common structures, context sensitive help for perl functions, help for perl packages, clips to interact with ActiveState's Perl Package Manager (PPM), and more.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 26 Sep 2000
Author: Marcus Friedlaender

Description: Lets you easily navigate to subroutines in your Perl code.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 17 May 1998
Author: Mike Schechter (

Description: Perl
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 24 Mar 2001
Author: Eduard Wulff (

Description: Does a search/replace via Perl regular expression on selected text or the whole document if no text is selected.
Download from: /clipbooks/


Date: 19 Apr 2001
Author: Andreas Halman (

Description: Estonian libraries for Perl
Download from: /clipbooks/